“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Were pieces of harness, all strewn about.
The hames were lying on the floor by the bed
Still covered with dust, from out in the shed.
The bridles were hung on the bathroom mirror,
In much need of polishing, that was quite clear!
The collars embraced backs of chairs in the hall,
While britching was drooping from hooks on the wall.
Buckles and rings were all covered with tarnish.
Who’d ever know this was mini “show harness”?
The eight-horse hitch gear was spread everywhere,
And there was poor Rod, sound asleep in his chair.

For weeks it had hung there with no time to move it,
So much to do, and just no time to do it!
Visions of silver, enhancing the black,
Patent trimmed back pads on each tiny back,
Danced in Rod’s head as he nodded off.
His hitch was tops; no one could scoff!

Then out of the night, pierced by some whinnies,
Flew a miniature sleigh pulled by eight prancing minis!
“Whoa Chieftain and Buckwheat, Tar, Arthur and Timmy,
Wait Kody and Duke, Hang on there Image”,
Shouted the stout little driver, as his white beard he twirled.
And the sleigh settled down amidst snow in a whirl.
The sleek black minis pranced and pawed at the ground.
What mission more noble than theirs could be found?
Horseman’s One Step in one hand, a rag in the other,
The spry little man set to work and he smothered
Each piece of the leather in softness devine.
He cleaned up that harness and made it just shine!
And when he saw that the job was complete
He spun in a cartwheel, landing right on his feet!
He glanced t’ward Rod still asleep in his chair,
He chuckled a chuckle, and dashed out of there.
His steeds were awaiting and rearing to go.
When he hopped in the sleigh, they flew o’er the snow,
Up into the darkness where stars shone so bright.
He shouted, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”!

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